Our work

Dakota Matrix Minerals

Dakota Matrix Minerals

Dakota Matrix has had a presence on the Internet since 1998. The Dakota Matrix Minerals website was in its infancy and only a part time venture in 1998, while Tom and Vicki were in Nevada . In 2000, after relocating to the Black Hills , the website became a full time occupation for Tom. In 2001, the Dakota Matrix website took on a new look after a complete and thorough redesign. In 2003, the website once again went through major changes to improve navigation and to incorporate a user-friendly database search function. A secure online order form and a shopping cart were also added.

Our Role

DakotaQ was responsible for redesigning the database which warehouses the mineral specimen catalog. In addition, the Administrative controls were redesigned to improve efficiencies in the management of inventory, enhancement of reporting capabilities, and delivery of time-sensitive mineral availability information.

Their Problem

In May of 2008, the Dakota Matrix website was in need of improvements that would allow it to grow and provide enhanced administrative controls that would improve the efficiency in the way it does business. The site had also fallen victim to a stream of SQL injection attacks from sources on the Internet which could have caused a major disruption of service. They selected DakotaQ Internet Services to accomplish that task.

Our Solution

Initially, the website went through a conversion process that would make it impervious to Internet SQL injection attack attempts. Once the conversion was complete, DakotaQ undertoook a major project to renovate to the Administrative control panel. This provided Dakota Matrix with improved efficiencies in tracking inventory, entering new mineral specimens in the database, and providing customers access to time-sensitive mineral availability information.

What They Said

Our database driven website, DakotaMatrix.com, was created in 2000 by a another local company. It was outdated and creating numerous technical problems costing us time and money. The previous web host had no in-house expertise whatsoever. We made a monumental decision to seek a new web host with the know how to solve our website woes and re-design the mechanics behind the website. The Dakota Matrix website is a very dynamic website, which updates its products on a daily basis and draws thousands of page views every day. Needless to say we needed the best technical expertise we could get, and we wanted to keep it local. We approached DakotaQ with our problems. Upon meeting with them, we found them to have all the technical expertise necessary to reprogram the website to facilitate website updates for the owners and make it more user friendly for our customers. In short period of time, we got everything we needed and our website is now one of the more powerful websites on the Internet for our trade.