Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a service that allows you to advertise through Google. This tool allows your website to be among the top searches on Google. Go and search for something to buy or a service of some sort. More than likely the top few items will have a tag in front of the URL that says “Ad.” These people have an Ad campaign set up through Google. Every time someone clicks on a link that is through Google AdWords the owner of that website is charged for that person to be there. This doesn’t sound all that great, but if you’re website sells a product or provides a service and one in every five people that come to your site buys a product, then you are making money you otherwise would not be. Clicks cost money and there is no way to tell how much each click costs until we know what business you have. Keywords can cost anything depending on their demand. Most are cheap, below ten dollars. Some are much more, but these words usually make a business high volumes of money and that is why they are so expensive.

Any business type can benefit from Google AdWords. Whether you are an online store, a restaurant, construction company, big name retail store, or even a woodcarver. All businesses that sell a product or provide a service can make money from Google AdWords. Aside from the initial setup cost, if no one is clicking on your ad you are not paying for it. It’s very hard to lose money with an effective campaign. Most major businesses and companies use this service, and you should too. Contact us today and we will discuss creating a campaign for your business.