Website Design

We take pride in every website that we build. We get to know you and your business and look forward to a long relationship as we work together to help your online presence grow.

Design Process

All of our websites are 100% original. We don’t use templates. We begin each project by interviewing you to learn more about your business. We collect images, videos, and any content that you want to have included in your site.

Once we have a good idea of your business, we begin researching others in your industry to learn more about what others like you are offering customers.

When we have a good feel for your business, we begin by creating two digital mockups in Photoshop. We do this to narrow in on a design idea that you like and make refinements until we have a design that is exactly the way you want.

Once we have a design concept that meets your needs, we begin the coding process so you can begin to see how it is going to function on various devices, like desktops, laptops, and smartphones. All of our websites are mobile responsive. We know the importance of having a website that functions on all device types.

When we have the site coded the way we want, we integrate it into the WordPress content management system platform. This gives us the ability to manage content easily, add new features more quickly, and allow you to update your own content if you’d like. Of course, we can do this for you if you’d like.